1. Maximum of 2 pets per unit (dogs, cats, usual house birds).
  2. No pet of any kind may be left unattended or unleashed when outside the unit including screened patios. ALL PETS without exception must reside inside the unit (i.e. no outdoor cats).
  3. No pet may relieve itself anywhere except the grass swales along Rock Island and Bailey Roads. If this occurs anywhere else, unit owners/residents are responsible for immediate clean up.


  1. Only one (1) vehicle per square is permitted. Numbered spaces are reserved and may be used only by the resident of the unit assigned that space. Guest must be advised to park in non-numbered spaces.
  2. Parking is permitted only within a white-lined space with a concrete bumper. Spaces without bumpers are not valid parking spots. Vehicles too large to fit in designated parking spaces are not allowed.
  3. No double parking at any time. Parking is not permitted on any grass area for any reason.
  4. No vehicle without a valid license plate (current registration sticker) may be parked anywhere in the community.
  5. Passenger vans and trucks rated three-quarter ton or less shall be permitted in the community as long as these vehicles do not exhibit commercial advertising.
  6. Recreational vehicles, motor homes, mobile homes, campers travel trailers and boats are prohibited from parking anywhere in the community at any time.
  7. No vehicle repairs or maintenance service may be done in the community (except flat tires).
  8. Vehicles cited as inoperable for 48 hours or longer will be towed. This includes cars disabled by flat tires.

The new towing company for Players Place Lakeside is listed below:

5-Star Parking Solutions
Ph: (954) 779-6261

Click here for more info


  1. Personal items may not be left or stored on common property (grass areas sidewalks and parking areas). This includes hoses, barbecues, patio furniture, plants, toys, bicycles, etc.
  2. Nothing may be hung, stored or placed on any fence at any time except foliage that has been pre-approved.
  3. All porch and patio areas must be kept neat and orderly at all times. Only patio type furniture may be placed outside on a porch or patio. Seasonal decorations must be removed within 30 days following a holiday.
  4. No change, alteration or modification may be made to the exterior of any unit without the Association’s prior written approval. This includes additions or removal of a structure, foliage, lighting, gutters, satellite dish or screen doors.
  5. SWIMMING IN THE LAKE IS NOT PERMITTED. No gas powered boats are allowed on the lake.
  6. “Garage”, “Yard” or similar sales are prohibited.
  7. “For Sale” signs may not exceed four (4) square feet or be taller than thirty-six inches (36″). “For Rent” signs are prohibited.
  8. Televisions, radios, stereos, etc…must be kept at a volume that DOES NOT DISTURB NEIGHBORS.